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Next Generation Lighting Strategies eHandbook

Next Generation Lighting Strategies eHandbook

A Guide to Better, Smarter Illumination

Designing great lighting scenarios in the built environment is a complex undertaking. It involves establishing proper light levels, removing glare and setting a mood with a light source that allows people to perceive rich color accurately--all of which help make tasks safer and easier to accomplish. Good lighting delivers on all of these requirements—and it does so while using energy efficiently. 

This eHandbook is a resource for anyone who wants to know more about how to properly light a space. Gathering up-to-date information from industry experts, it includes insights on: 

  • Lighting quality metrics 

  • Lighting controls 

  • How to conduct a lighting upgrade 

  • Energy efficiency 

  • And more! 

We hope you find this eHandbook helpful in your quest for better, smarter illumination.

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